Triumph Baptist Church, Franklin,LA
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About Triumph Baptist Church, Franklin,LA
 A Brief History

1898 - First plans for Triumph Baptist Church began with eight members who held service in a one-room house on Iberia 
  Street. They later bought an old barn on Omega Street and had services there for a number of years

1900 - Omega Street Property was purchased and the first church was built at 911 Omega Street under the leadership of 
  Rev. Prince Albert

1901-1942 - Pastors during this period were Rev. Albert, Rev. Crowley, Rev. Terry, and Rev. Beam

1935 - The church was remodeled under the leadership of Rev. Terry

1943 - Rev. Octave Vincent was installed as Pastor
Organized young people and adult choirs
Rev. Moses Payton served as Assistant Pastor for many years

1956 - Pastor and members decided to build a new church

1969 - Church became a non-profit organization

1972 - Rev. Walter Moore came to Triumph and worked closely with Rev. Vincent
The secretary room was built
New windows were installed
Church sign was donated as well as other items for the sanctuary walls and communion service

1974 - Progress committee was established
A new air conditioning system
New church furniture

1978 - Rev. Vincent retired
  Rev. Walter Moore was installed as Pastor
New lights were hung, new furniture was acquired for the Pastor’s study, new paneling was installed

1984 - Ordination service was held for Rev. Clarence Stewart
  He served as Assistant Pastor to Rev. Moore

1989 - Church purchased property across the street for additional parking

1991 - Property and house on the corner of Iberia Street and Omega Street were purchased as a rental unit  (now the site of the new church)
Rev. Robert Johnson served as Associate Minister to Rev. Moore for seven years

1993 - Rev. Clarence Steward, Sr. was installed as Pastor

2001-2009 - Brotherhood was established under the leadership of Bro. Whitney Beverly

2010 - New church was built and dedicated at the new location of 1005 Iberia Street

2012 - Rev. Carl F. Lewis, Sr. was installed as Pastor

2013 - Revitalization of the Church Mass Choir, Youth Choir and Male Chorus
  Church has regained active membership in Union Sixth District
  Actively involved in Church Unity and Community Outreach

2013 - Media Ministry-Triumph Servies  live on the internet, Sundays 7:45am

2013 - Triumph website -

2015 - Online Donations

2015 - Prayer request online

Rev. Octave Vincent
Rev. Walter Moore
Rev. Clarence Stewart
Rev. Carl Lewis
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